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Build Your Brand & Sell Online, Like Never Before

Saturday, 2nd July, 2022

Ihifix Innovation Hub, 41 Jabi Road, off Alkali Road Kaduna.

Saturday, 2nd July, 2022

Ihifix Innovation Hub, 41 Jabi Road, off Alkali Road Kaduna.

Grow 10x faster, smarter, better.

Skip the trial and error. Learn our proven strategies for building a brand, generating leads, getting customers, and selling online for the price of one Unisex Sneakers on Jumia.

Dear business owner,

We get it.

Building a business is tricky.

You are celebrating a sale this minute, and the next minute you’re wondering how to keep paying your staff.

You’re wondering how to keep running your business, and where the money will come from.

You’re restless.

Constant meetings, proposal writings, and applications for grants and internships.

You sleep 2 out of the 24 hours in a day.

You love what you do, but the constant uncertainty is killing you.

To top it all, you are a business owner in Nigeria.

High cost of running your business.

No or low electricity supply, high cost of fuel and internet service.

And now…

You’re being pulled into the frenzy of marketing.

They say content marketing works,

“But which content should I create?” you ask.

How do I generate leads?

Should I create a podcast? 

Start a blog? 

Change the look of my website? 

Or just focus on Instagram reels? 

Run daily adverts?Get a new logo?

Post 7 times a day on Linkedin?

How do I build a brand online?”

Take a deep breath dear business owner…

You’re not alone.

A lot of business owners don’t have it all figured out.

A few of them do…

But the majority are being constantly pulled by trends and new ideas.

Caught in the illusion of doing whatever works.

Spending the income they manage to acquire on things that don’t boost their brands…

Lost in the “rat race” and constantly going back to where they started.

But you found us…

You’re reading this right now because your business is not where you want it to be.

Even though you put in a lot of work; cold emailing, running ads, hosting webinars, brainstorming with your staff, and hustling 100x extra.

Or because you’ve been trying to monetize your skills and build a brand around it.

Whatever it is, we have good news for you…

Whatever it is, we have good news for you…

We can make you feel that conviction that every business owner needs.

You will wake up each morning knowing the problem you want to solve,

What makes your brand unique,

Your target audience,

How to reach this target audience,

And how to get paid for solving that problem with a more strategic approach.

You will wake up to an inbox filled with quality leads,

You will consistently get new customers,

Regardless of how the Nigerian and World economy is,

You will finally take that break that you need and deserve.

Picture yourself on your dream vacation

You Will Be Discovering Proven Secrets To…

✓ Start and Establish your brand online from Nigeria. (This won’t be much of a big deal if you knew how)

✓ Proven ways to utilize social media in driving traffic in 2022, maximizing the money spent on Instagram and Facebook ads

You can now drive traffic to anything you’re doing online… Be it your business, videos (every possible thing you could think of). Imagine how much sales you’ll get.

✓ How to register your small business on Google my Business in a matter of seconds without facing the stress of configuration, and time wasting.

People will be able to search for, get the location and come running to get what you sell…

How much is this worth to your business?

✓ You’ll also learn how to create e-commerce offerings on the go.

✓ Listing your products for free on ecommerce websites will now be a breeze.

Become formidable…

Build a brand that has a clearly defined unique selling point and leverage this for speed, scale, and scope.

Get out of the rat race.

Your days of wondering where to get the money to run your business are over. We will help you create a clearly defined roadmap that helps you generate income every step of the way.

No more uncertainty…

The power is in your hands. Build and grow your brand till it operates on autopilot.

What you will learn

  • Establishing your Brand Online
  • Developing your E-Commerce offering
  • Utilizing Social Media to Drive Sales