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Welcome to Ihifix Bootcamp 2024!

Beyond gaming and social media interaction, your child needs a tech skill that prepares them for future jobs.

Digital Bootcamp starts in:

Unlock Your Child's Digital Potential

For N30,000 Naira

Give your child the edge they need in today’s digital world with Ihifix Bootcamp. Our comprehensive and engaging program is designed to empower kids aged 5 to 18 with essential digital skills and knowledge. Prepare your child for success and relevance in the 21st-century labour market.

Our Courses include:

Software Engineering

Coding is seen as complex, and it is. We break down the coding processes, using fun activities, games, and group work to make your child learn and also enjoy the process.

Creative Design

Inside every child is creativity waiting to be unchained. The summer digital Bootcamp gives your child the opportunity needed to learn the foundation of creative design.

Data Analytics

Learn how to make sense of the world through data? Introducing Data Analytics, the ultimate adventure in understanding, analyzing, and visualizing information!

Mobile Animation

How about a more productive way of playing? Mobile animation gives your kids the opportunity to think critically, explore their creativity, and create a masterpiece.

Computer Appreciation

Your child needs background knowledge of digital software and tools. Our digital academy employs a practical hands-on approach to transfer the relevant knowledge required to understand and utilize these softwares.

Why Choose Ihifix Bootcamp?

Expert-Led Learning: Our boot-camp brings together industry experts and professionals to guide your child through interactive teaching, practical exercises, and insightful discussions. Your child will receive top-notch mentorship, ensuring they develop a strong foundation in digital technology.


Diverse Topics: From software engineering for kids to creative design, mobile animation, data analytics, and computer appreciation, our bootcamp covers a wide range of cutting-edge topics. Your child will gain hands-on experience and explore various areas of digital technology, fostering their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Practical Projects: At Ihifix, we believe in learning by doing. Your child will have the opportunity to work on practical projects, applying the skills they learn throughout the bootcamp. Our mentors will provide valuable feedback and guidance, nurturing their growth and boosting their confidence.

Prepare for the Digital World: The world is advancing technologically, and it’s crucial to equip your child with the skills they need to thrive. Ihifix Bootcamp prepares your child to excel in the digital realm, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence and competence.

Community and Networking: Your child will join a vibrant community of like-minded peers, fostering collaboration and teamwork. They will have the chance to connect with fellow participants, building valuable relationships and expanding their network.

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Enrol your child in Ihifix Bootcamp and watch them flourish in the digital world. For only N30,000, give your child the opportunity to gain essential skills that will shape their future. 

We offer a discount for returning parents, making it even more accessible for your child to continue their digital education journey with us.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Register now and secure your child’s spot in our sought-after bootcamp. Together, let’s unleash their digital potential and set them on the path to success.