Ihifix Digital Academy

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41 Jabi Road, Kaduna

Ihifix Digital Academy Admission Into Grade 1 - 6

We enable a flourishing community of future generation pursuing careers they love.

Ihifix Digital Academy is a pioneer in education technology, and digital transformation, specializing in future most in-demand skills.

We leverage technology to provide quality, multi-dimensional education driven by a three-legged pillar of functional knowledge, in-demand skills, and a solution-based mindset. We believe in the transformative power of education towards preparing every child for future opportunities. 

Education as conceptualized in Ihifix Digital Academy aligns with the Greek definition, ‘Edukos’, which means “to draw forth from within.” We believe that education should develop innate abilities and empower the individual for impact not just to inform. More so, it goes beyond certification for job-seeking but equipping for job-creation.


Ihifix Digital Academy understands the power of a problem-solving and solution-based mindset in raising innovators that drive impact, create wealth and accelerate inclusive development, hence, the adoption of a holistic approach to education that focuses on the head, hand, and mind.


We specialize in today's most in demand skills

In addition to the  ministry of education’s mandatory subjects, Ihifix Digital Academy will practically teach your child today’s most in-demand skills such as Coding, Animation, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Designs, Product management, Media, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity and other digital-related courses.


We prepare your children for the opportunity of the future

Our teachers are a hybrid of experts drawn from amongst academics, professionals, and practitioners so as to provide a contextual blend of theory and practice.


We Inform, Inspire, and Involve

Digitally enhanced teaching and learning. Hands-on experiential learning that ensures practical skills uptake with daily in-session and out-session exercises; Self-paced, individualized learning and Internship


Participatory learning, practical exercises, projects, and micro facilitation.


We enable a brighter future at ihifix. In addition to the Nigerian ministry of education certificates, students will have certifications from renowned professional bodies.